Live Well Partnership periodically reviews the health status of the residents of Escambia County and Santa Rosa County, Florida.  We publish our findings every three years in the Community Health Needs Assessment.  We also make available to the public a wide-range of health and demographic data through the Explore section of this website.  

Working with community partners, Live Well Partnership uses information on the community's health to identify and promote collaborative initiatives to improve health and quality of life in Northwest Florida.  You can read about current efforts in our Roadmap to Wellness.

Live Well Partnership is dedicated to achieving long-term health status improvement, with emphasis on reducing health disparities.   In order to accomplish this, we will . . .

  • Partner with like-minded, cross-sector organizations, businesses and individuals,

  • Collectively define our top health priorities based on objective health data,

  • Coordinate cooperative efforts to implement proven, evidence-based activities

  • Track progress based mutually agreed upon objectives,

  • Cultivate open communication, trust and partnerships across participants

 After 24 years of service to Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, Live Well Partnership is dissolving upon completion of the 2019 Escambia - Santa Rosa Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The CHNA will be available through the following partner organizations: