It Starts with Us

The time for action to support improvements in the health status and quality of life for residents of Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties is now. Improving the overall health of our communities requires collaborative efforts, and must be a priority for everyone.

By joining together, we can reduce tobacco use, decrease diabetes, reduce obesity, increase access to health care and ensure continued efforts for living well in Northwest Florida.

Learn more about our Live Well Partners!  Or click on the map to see where our wellness partners are located right here in our community.



You can become a part of this collaborative effort to improve the health and quality of life for residents of Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties by committing to the Community Health Improvement Compact. This Compact is a formal, voluntary agreement between organizations working together to collectively impact performance on targeted community health priorities. 

Scope of Commitment

By signing the Live Well Compact, organizations commit to on-going participation in initiatives, including those sponsored by the Live Well Partnership for a Healthy Community, to improve health status and quality of life for residents of Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.


Live Well Partners will pursue health improvement initiatives which will:

  • Benefit the community’s population health and quality of life
  • Be visible, tangible, and measurable
  • Provide opportunities for individual and group involvement
  • Have a defined timeline for measuring success and reporting
  • Result in collective impact

These initiatives will be focused on health improvement priorities identified in evidence-based health assessments which include, but are not limited to:

  • Tobacco Use - Reduce the use of all tobacco products and nicotine delivery systems
  • Healthy Weight and Nutrition - Increase physical activity, improve nutrition, and reduce food insecurity
  • Access to Care - Improve access to appropriate health services

Live Well Compact

By agreeing to the Live Well Compact, I am committing to engage in activities that impact health priority areas within my organization and to work with other organizations to collectively impact the health and quality of life of our community. 


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I commit to being a part of the solution by participating in community health improvement efforts led by the Live Well Partnership for a Healthy Community. I will work with others in my organization and in the community to improve the health status of the residents of Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. 
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