Every few years Live Well Partnership studies the health of Escambia County and Santa Rosa County residents and publishes the results as the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). 

The bottom line finding from that study is that people within Escambia and Santa Rosa are less healthy than the rest of Florida on many measures of hea:lth. And, in many ways our health has gotten worse over the past twenty years.

It is time for us as a community to do something about this.  It is time for us to live well!

Making small improvements to these three health challenges will impact the overall health, quality of life and length of life of community residents. And, set us on a path to becoming a community that can live well.  

The Community Health Needs Assessment 2016 (CHNA) is the fifth assessment published by live well Partnership since 1995.  Each CHNA has been a collaborative effort with community partners such as hospitals, health departments, University of West Florida, school districts, social service providers, business and the general public. 

The CHNA is a detailed examination of the health of area residents and the underlying social determinants of health.  You are invited to read the most recent CHNA.

The annual County Health Rankings and Roadmaps rank each county in Florida on 30 health measurements. 

In 2016, Escambia County ranked 55 out 67 counties in Health Outcomes, which is based on premature death and quality of life measures).  

Santa Rosa County, on the other hand, ranks as one of the best at 8.

Read the Florida report for a full explanation of the process. For county-level details, read the individual Escambia or Santa Rosa reports.

live well and its community partners are committed to working together to improve our health.

Together they have identified an action plan for each of the three health challenges facing our community. 

Learn more about what these partners, which includes Health Departments, hospitals, clinics, businesses, social service agencies and others have committed to work on over the next 3 years.

If you are interested in joining these efforts, click here


which addresses increasing rates of obesity and problems some in our community have in obtaining nutritious food.


which looks at tobacco use and nicotine addiction.


which explores difficulty many in our community have accessing health services